The National Association of Evangelicals commends Senators James Lankford, Chris Murphy and Kirsten Sinema for their extensive efforts to negotiate a bipartisan border security bill that seeks to honor our country’s legacy as both a place of refuge and opportunity, and as a nation where laws are respected and our communities are protected. We are indebted to these leaders and their staff who have worked to craft legislative language that seeks to address current challenges while laying the foundation for a secure and prosperous future for all.

We encourage all members of Congress as well as candidates for office to carefully study the Lankford-Murphy-Sinema text. While some aspects of the bill raise concerns, and there are some missing pieces (notably a permanent solution for Dreamers), that is not a reason to dismiss the proposal out of hand. Indeed, the onus is on those who reject the Lankford-Murphy-Sinema approach to develop their own bipartisan legislation. It is easy to recite talking points to one’s base, quite another to work across the aisle to develop workable solutions that could be enacted. 

As people of faith we pray for all our leaders as they fulfill their God-given responsibilities. The nation is watching.