Many in America are asking, “Is God trying to say something to us?” The answer is yes! Scripture teaches that unusual natural phenomena have been used by God as a signal of his judgment. Earthquakes, famine, drought, and windstorms have foreshadowed the tempest of divine judgment. Who can doubt that the unprecedented shift of weather patterns that has brought droughts to the west, dust bowl conditions to the plains, and paralyzing cold to two-thirds of the nation is part of God’s effort to turn our attention to himself?

It is time to listen. American morality has declined at an appalling rate in recent years. Standards have been swept away by a flood of personal freedom without responsibility. Actions are not based on what is right but what one can get by with. Dishonesty is prevalent in business, labor and government.

Pornography poisons the minds and perverts the actions of millions, including many of pre-high school age. Irresponsible television programming compounds the problem with the cynical pro-motion of immorality, indecency, drinking and violence. Alcoholism has become a national shame. Youth often learn to drink before they are 12; many in high school are alcoholics. Alcohol is involved in over half of the deaths in automobile accidents.

All too often those trying to solve moral problems by humanistic methods are like the blind leading the blind. It is time for America to repent.

We must return to righteousness based upon the Word of God. Realizing this, and knowing that renewal must begin with those who know God, we:

  1. Pledge ourselves to prayer for personal renewal. We will confess our sins, ask God’s forgiveness, and commit ourselves completely to him.
  2. Call upon the churches of America to gather their people together for prayer for renewal, through the confession of sin and commitment to moral righteousness.
  3. Ask President Carter to issue a call to prayer throughout our nation, based on God’s promise “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14).

We also realize that, as citizens, we must bear responsibility for the moral condition of our nation. Therefore, we commit ourselves to encourage in every way possible, the reestablishment of high moral standards in all areas of life. To that end we declare:

  1. That freedom of speech that is protected by the first amendment does not include the right to degrade the morals of others by the production and distribution of obscene materials.
  2. That homosexual behavior is explicitly condemned in such Scriptures as Leviticus 20 and Romans 1. Further, though some assert that it comes from innate tendencies, many in the medical and clinical counseling professions support the fact that it is a perversion of natural sexual drives.
  3. That moral law and biblical teaching justify and require punishment fair for those who violate the rights of others, as a penalty for wrongdoing, a warning to the guilty, and reassurance to the innocent.
  4. That the rights of those violated by criminal acts should be explicitly protected in the administration of justice and by compensation by the guilty for losses sustained.
  5. That we encourage the boycott of television programs that present material that is morally degrading, including the boycott of products of sponsors. We will cooperate with our affiliate, the National Religious Broadcasters, in the implementation of this effort.
  6. That liquor advertising should be limited and subject to full disclosure of the effects of the use of alcohol, that alcoholic beverages should not be sold or given to those under 21 years of age, and that an adequate program of alcohol education should be provided in schools, beginning at the elementary level.
  7. That in recognition of the perils associated with the use of alcohol and the power of personal example, Christians should abstain from any use of alcoholic beverages.