WHEREAS, the Communist thrust for world revolution has dominion over our entire planet as its objective; and

WHEREAS, multitudes of Christians now live in totalitarian lands under restrictions imposed by modern Neros; and

WHEREAS, the Christian Church faces a dual danger of misgauging dialectical materialism, either by ignoring it as a self-destructive ideology, or by exaggerating it as the Church’s sole or main enemy;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, the National Association of Evangelicals, reaffirm our abiding confidence in God’s Sovereign rule over history, and in Jesus Christ as the Saviour of men and Lord of the nations, before whom every knee must bow; and that the Gospel necessarily condemns every naturalistic philosophy of life, both Communist and non-Communist; and

BE IT RESOLVED, further, that we pledge ourselves to prayer for Christians who must bear their witness where totalitarian tyranny prevails, assured that Christian faith can continue under any political system and that the Risen Christ keeps watch everywhere over His disciples; and

BE IT RESOLVED, further, that we voice gratitude to God for the larger liberties we enjoy, and dedicate ourselves afresh to those biblical principles of duty and freedom promotive of social justice and enduring peace, including the role of government under God for the ministry of justice and restraint of evil, and man’s right of private property and responsibility for its voluntary stewardship as a divine entrustment; and that we yield ourselves anew to the proclamation and exemplification of that Gospel of Christ which alone assures a new creation wherever men in sin seek the regeneration of God; and that we give ourselves in full confidence to the Word of God as the only adequate hope for men and nations in our time of world trouble.