The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), meeting at its 51st Annual Convention under the theme, “Hope For A Hurting World,” cannot reflect on this theme without recognizing the desperate plight facing the people of the former Yugoslavia.

In a statement released on December 7, 1992, the NAE Executive Committee expressed concern for the people of the former Yugoslavia and called on all Involved to stop the fighting. Since then the violence has escalated considerably and the terrible reality of the suffering and atrocities taking place compels us to express again our concern for the victims of the fighting and our outrage at the evidence of genocide, concentration camps, other war crimes and what has been recently termed “ethnic cleansing.

As evangelical Christians, we reject and condemn all violence targeted against innocent people on the grounds of ethnic identity. We are deeply concerned that some have characterized this conflict as a religious war and call on people of all faiths to abandon this practice and to work together to resolve this conflict.

We strongly support efforts by our government and others to provide humanitarian aid to the civilian population In the former Yugoslavia. We call on the international community to consider all possible diplomatic, economic and other appropriate options to seek an end to the fighting and to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid.

We call on the denominations and churches of NAE to welcome refugees from the former Yugoslavia to the United States; demonstrating Christian compassion with sensitivity and respect.

The love of Christ and the horror of the fighting in the former Yugoslavia compel us to pray for the victims of the fighting and to provide what comfort we can in Christ’s name. We stand united with our evangelical brothers and sisters and other Innocent victims caught in this conflict and pledge to them our faithful prayers and support.