Evangelicals rejoice that opportunities continue to abound throughout the world for the proclamation of the message of salvation and hope found only in Jesus Christ. We thank God for the many evangelical boards and agencies, both within and without the membership of NAE, that are channels for personnel and finances for the performance of the Great Commission.

However, in this day of opportunity, the National Association of Evangelicals calls the attention of the evangelical people everywhere to the disturbing fact that there are individuals and organizations whose message, methods, and lack of financial accountability make them highly suspect and in some cases unworthy of support.

Therefore, the National Association of Evangelicals urges all evangelical Christians to have a knowledge of and exercise discernment in the selection of groups and individuals whom they support. While NAE recognizes and approves initiative and innovation, we insist on responsibility and accountability as demonstrated by reputable boards of control, integrity in methods and procedures, and purposes and ethics which are consistent with the letter and spirit of God’s Word.

We further note that missionary boards and/or agencies holding membership either in the Evangelical Foreign Missions Association or in the Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association are required to meet standards of membership involving doctrine, ethics, and financial accountability which warrant the support of all evangelicals.