An online gambling bill that could be introduced during the lame-duck session would expand internet poker gambling and create an office under the Department of Commerce to regulate it. The National Association of Evangelicals opposes any measures that increase the accessibility of gambling.

“Pastors regularly see the destructive impact of gambling on families and children. Those problems will increase if gambling moves from buildings to home computers,” said Leith Anderson, NAE President.

In 1985 resolution, the NAE noted that gambling exploits the weakness and greed of humanity and called on those in positions of influence and decision-making to seek other means to raise revenue.

“[Gambling] harms especially the poor who can least afford to forfeit their financial resources on the promise of instant wealth. The tragic end result is often deepened poverty and increased welfare rolls, to say nothing of the emotional damage and disillusionment experienced by the vast numbers of planned losers,” the resolution states.