WHEREAS there have been numerous proposals for federal aid to education at the elementary and secondary levels which would allow financial assistance directly or indirectly to sectarian educational institutions as well as to public institutions, and

WHEREAS religiously-oriented schools exist for the precise purpose of educating children in a sectarian position, and where tax funds are provided to assist the individual directly or indirectly to this end, such aid constitutes assist, to the institution, and

WHEREAS the President of the United States is advocating federal aid to private as well as public schools,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that in the interest of preserving the integrity of the public school system free from religious or church control and preserving the rights of the private schools to be free from the control of the state, the National Association of Evangelicals strongly opposes federal aid to private elementary and secondary schools whether it is given directly to the institution in the form of categorical aid to improve its facilities or for the benefit of individuals in the schools for specific educational needs.