In the field of higher education the problem of encroaching federal controls has become increasingly serious in recent years. Today both public and private institutions of higher learning are feeling the effect of political influence from the level of the federal government.

In particular, the increasing monopoly of the field of financial aid by the federal government has created a problem. Because funds in the amounts needed are available only from federal sources, the threat of direct oversight of education by the federal government has become very real.

Schools accepting certain types of federal aid as their only hope of survival have found accompanying controls hampering the freedoms traditionally associated with the educational process. A case in point is the restriction imposed on church schools that have accepted federal funds for the construction of certain campus buildings. Such schools, though owned by the church and operated for religious purposes, have been forbidden to hold religious classes, and even to teach the Bible or to pray in such buildings.

The National Association of Evangelicals believes there is a need both to protect our public schools from further federal control, and also to provide a way for private schools to receive the support they need if they are to survive and provide a truly Christian education.

We believe that a possible solution lies in some plan designed to provide tax relief to all citizens supporting education, whether private or public, and without discrimination. As evangelicals we endorse the principle of legislation which would encourage every citizen to support the educational institution of his choice, whether public or private, and without discrimination, on the basis of tax credits given for such support.