Leading German missiologists who penned the Frankfurt Declaration have called the Christians of Europe back to the primary mission of the Church which is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature. In doing this the Declaration has clearly renounced syncretism and universalism even as it has stressed the uniqueness and finality of the Christian faith. It has pointed out how secular humanism has invaded the Church and especially the ecumenical movement and calls for correction and a return to the divinely revealed truths of the Scriptures.

The National Association of Evangelicals applauds the efforts and the intentions of the framers of the Frankfurt Declaration. We identify ourselves with them in their earnest desire to evangelize the world. While some may differ from them with regard to the sacraments and particularly the place of baptism in the salvatory process, we recognize that these are matters of longstanding disagreement that should not obscure our acceptance of the basic import of the Declaration. We hope that there will be fruitful dialogue with these, our brethren, and that from this there will develop increasingly closer fellowship.