The growing influence of the United Nations in our national affairs, affecting our sovereign rights as a great nation, is a cause of mounting concern to many of our citizens and to many of our evangelical missionary agencies which are being hampered by some of the programs and policies of this world organization.

The National Association of Evangelicals assembled in its 20th Annual Convention would appeal to President John F. Kennedy and to all members of Congress to safeguard our sovereignty as a nation by refusing to surrender our heritage as a free people, and that we be required to contribute only our fair and reasonable share of the financial burden of the United Nations.

We would also petition that a thorough and impartial study be made of UNESCO to insure that the various agencies operate in harmony with the principles laid down by the Congress of the United States in voting funds for the support of this agency. We are vigorously opposed to the attempt of the World Council of Churches to speak for all Protestants in their dealing with UNESCO and various governmental agencies, and we call upon our constituency in the various states to acquaint our representatives in Washington with our grave concern in these affairs. We also ask the NAE commissions and agencies to keep our constituency fully informed and take such action as may be appropriate to safeguard the interests of evangelicals in these matters.

While we would laud the lofty ideals of our President in launching the “Alliance for Progress” with our Latin American neighbors, we would emphasize that since the support for this program is corning from the taxpayers of a country that does have separation of church and state as well as religious freedom, there should be written into all such agreements a basic clause that would prohibit discrimination and would guarantee religious freedom.