What do Mormons believe? Are they a cult? How is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized? What should evangelicals say when Mormon missionaries come to their door? Today’s Conversation with Leith Anderson and Greg Johnson covers these topics and more.

In this podcast, you’ll hear from a former Mormon, now evangelical leader in Utah on:

  • The main distinctives between historical, biblical Christianity and Mormonism;
  • A dialogue approach with Mormons;
  • What Mormons and evangelicals have in common; and
  • How the LDS church has changed in the last decade and where it’s headed.

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Leith: There are some pretty significant differences between historical, biblical Christianity and Mormonism. So what are the noteworthy, the big differences, or distinctions?

Greg: Yeah, and that’s the key as we build our friendships and relationships with the members of the Mormon church is to understand that while we have a lot of similar moral beliefs and values that we do have some key doctrinal differences. And I would really summarize — in a very short way — what I think are the six key differences. And that would be in the nature and understanding of God himself. Who is God, and how do we understand him? Secondly, the understanding of salvation. How is a person made right with God? Third, the nature of human beings and their sin. What is sin? Fourth, understanding the nature of revelation and what is scripture. Fifth, the issue of authority, priesthood and temples. And then finally, the distinctive that the LDS church claims to be the only true Christian church in all the world.

Leith: Wow. That is a pretty big list. Do you think that …

Greg: (Laughs) Well, we could break that down but I just wanted to give a quick summary.

Leith: So do most Mormons — the average person or student at BYU — would they know all those differences?

Greg: Yeah, in fact, why I key in on those is those are fundamental basic understandings of typical Latter-day Saints in relationship to those key doctrinal areas, and they would see them as different than most other kinds of Christian churches.

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