The United States has long been a beacon of hope for those who have suffered human rights abuses and who long to enjoy the same freedoms that all Americans cherish. Our asylum system has many strengths, of which we can all be proud. But there is also a challenge as the country faces a surge in new asylum cases. Many applicants may have to wait years for their cases to be heard.

In response to this issue, Senator Cornyn and Senator Sinema introduced a bill that strengthens the asylum system and expedites processing in a way that prioritizes service to those most in need while discouraging applications from those who do not have valid asylum claims.

In a letter, Walter Kim, NAE president, and Galen Carey, NAE vice president of government, thank Senator Cornyn and Senator Sinema for introducing bipartisan legislation aimed at providing a fair and timely hearing for those arriving at our borders, particularly unaccompanied children seeking protection from persecution.


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