The NAE declares its Biblical conviction that God created Mankind in His image, assuring the sacredness of human life and the equality of persons, male or female. NAE also declares that God separated the sexes in His creation into male and female in order to establish the family as the divinely ordained unit for love and pro-creation. Furthermore, by His creative act and His instruction, God established equality of responsibility for man and woman in the specific functions that they were to perform individually and together. The lines of responsibility were drawn so that no anarchy would exist in the structure of society. Such lines never connoted inferiority. Adam’s leadership in co-relation with Eve was recognized as a part of the fulfillment of God’s creative work.

In the fall, man and woman share responsibility for rebellion against God’s command. Equally they can accept God’s saving grace. As man’s sexuality as a man and woman’s sexuality as a woman is firmly fixed in the creative order, it is enhanced in the redemptive order, indeed used as an illustration of the love relationship between Christ and His church. At any point where a society moves to obliterate these sexual distinctions whether by political action, cultural practice or religious argumentation, the movement is contrary to the divine order.

Thus, instructed by the Word of God, NAE resolves to:

1. Reaffirm its resolution of 1971 attesting to the sacredness of life, opposing abortion on demand and recognizing the possible need for therapeutic abortion to preserve the health or life of the mother;

2. Adhere to marriage and family as the divinely ordained institution for love and pro-creation;

3. Oppose all attempts to obliterate sexual distinctions between men and women in order to promulgate unisexual or homosexual preferences and practices;

4. Oppose those interpretations of the equal rights which would force women and men into roles which are contrary to those specific and complementary functions based upon sex differences in the Biblical order.