In recent years there has been a growing portrayal of sexual immorality and deviation in the cinema, television, radio and the print media. The lifestyle modeled for our children on mass media outlets portraying these excesses is dehumanizing and morally destructive, Such ideas and ideals promoted by mass media are in direct contradiction to the biblical lifestyle.

Furthermore, the eight billion dollar pornography industry has grown to epidemic proportions and is invading all the segments of our society. Pastors, counselors, social agencies and law officers are seeing families broken and lives adversely affected as well as persons of both sexes victimized by this plague of pornography and obscenity. This industry, controlled largely by organized crime, is responsible for corrupting the lives of children as well as adults, and most alarming of all is the proliferation of child pornography.

Aware of this insidious evil in our society and seeking to be obedient to our prophetic task as God’s people, the National Association of Evangelicals therefore declares itself as follows:

We are committed to Jesus Christ who calls us as the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” to be involved in the solution of the problem of pornography.

We are committed to speak out against pornography and obscenity at every opportunity.

We encourage our congregations and denominations to observe a Pornography Awareness Sunday or Week.

We urge our congregations to become involved in appropriate plans of action in their communities.

We commit ourselves to participate as an Association in the National Coalition Against Pornography.

We call upon the President of the United States to declare publicly his support for the enforcement of obscenity laws and to order the Justice Department to enforce the existing obscenity laws.

We urge Christians everywhere to seek ways to minister more effectively to both the victims and perpetrators of obscenity and pornography.