WHEREAS evangelicals are committed to the conviction that, while church and state must be separate, the state has an irrevocable obligation to inculcate in rising generations, through its educational institutions otherwise, the belief that religion, morality and knowledge are essential to good government and the happiness of its citizens, and

WHEREAS the constitution of the United States guarantees to every man the free exercise of religion, and

WHEREAS the principle of academic freedom should apply equally to the Christian and the non-Christian,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the National Association of Evangelicals proposes and endorses the following courses of action:

I. The affirmation of the public school’s duty to do full justice to the large place of the Judeo-Christian tradition in our American heritage. There should be in all areas of subject matter an objective presentation of the contribution made by the Christian faith to the development of that heritage.

II. The freedom for Christian teachers to teach from a Christian standpoint and to witness by example and personal life the effects of Christian commitment.

III. The active resistance to any hostility toward a religiously based view of life as it may appear in public schools. This resistance may involve personal sacrifice by Christian parents and Christian teachers.