We are grateful to God for our negotiations which have made it possible for the prisoners of war to be reunited with their families. We express appreciation for those who served both in the Armed Forces and also in various forms of voluntary and alternative service. A host of volunteers went to Vietnam out of a sense of duty in one capacity or another, including that of conscientious objector. Some of these lost their lives in such sacrificial service.

We extend our most sincere condolences to those whose loved ones did not return and we are especially grateful for the contribution they have made. These include some 46,000 known dead plus a large number missing in action.

Particular recognition must be extended to more than 153,000 who were wounded, many of whom were disabled for life. We strongly protest any administrative or legislative action now or later that would diminish the benefits to which these disabled veterans are entitled.

We join with all Americans in welcoming our POW’s back again, and we urge upon our entire nation the importance of seeing to it that all Vietnam veterans are effectively reabsorbed into the mainstream of American life, into our churches and our economy.