While many modern youth are caught up in a tide of revolution brought on largely by the frustration produced in the superficiality and emptiness of the world we have given them, we declare our greatest natural resources are to be found in the rich storehouse of youth and we reassert our confidence in the God-given capability of youth.

Youth under the age of 25 represent a significant proportion of our population in the 1970s.

From youth today there may often be heard a prophetic note telling of lost meaning in life, the depersonalization of man and the significance of the social unrest that we have seen.

The restlessness of youth, however, often obscures the essential spiritual nature of their quest, as the aberrant, violent, unorthodox and sometimes cultic forms make it difficult for an older generation to understand the underlying longing.

We of the National Association of Evangelicals call on our constituency individually and corporately to initiate a new relationship with their youth by listening to them, believing in them, responding to them and encouraging them.

We commend the youth on Christian and secular college and university campuses who are demonstrating evangelical leadership during this first year of the 1970s by their open response to the work of the Holy Spirit in public and private testimonies of forgiveness, healing and love.

We are highly gratified by the presence and participation of young people in this convention, and believe they are prepared to carry their share of responsibility.

We would encourage our churches to make available to youth more posts of significant responsibility.

We resolve to make provision within the NAE itself for greater participation by youth in the planning and decision making processes.