Whereas the National Association of Evangelicals believes that

1. Communism is not only a political system, but also an avowed enemy of the Gospel by its atheistic character, and

2. a counterfeit religion that would substitute its own doctrines for the Christian faith, and

3. a subversive movement which seeks to infiltrate and destroy the Church;


1. Communism is an area of legitimate concern for all Christians and of the NAE in particular in its historic purpose to defend the ministry of the Gospel, and

2. NAE has a responsibility to encourage the study and understanding of the Communist philosophy, strategy and thrust, and

3. NAE has the obligation to bring to its constituency all the facets of Communist tactics in its attempt to destroy the church and superimpose its ideologies upon the church and nation.

We believe that the NAE should make a positive approach to the problem of communism with a dynamic presentation of the Gospel rather than engage in the investigation and exposure of individual Communists.