In a 1979 resolution, the National Association of Evangelicals affirmed: “God created mankind in His image, assuring the sacredness of human life and the equality of persons, male or female.” In recent years the Equal Rights Amendment has been promoted as a way to assure the equal rights of women as persons. Proponents of the ERA are now contending that the amendment presents only an economic issue. But the absolute and far reaching language of the ERA makes its effects unpredictable, and certainly more diverse than claimed. It could be interpreted by the courts to reach results antithetical to Judeo-Christian values.

Because of this possibility, NAE cannot endorse the Equal Rights Amendment in its present form. At a minimum, it would have to state that it is not intended to grant or secure the right to abortion or the funding thereof; to require the drafting of women or their assignment to military combat; or to deny tax exemption to any school, seminary, or church which believes that God has ordained different roles for men and women.

NAE has supported and will continue to support legislation specifically designed to remedy economic injustices to women.