Recognizing the unmistakable trends toward secularism and paganism by our American culture and realizing that without a predominantly Christian philosophy of life our freedoms will be lost, we call the nation to a rebirth of faith in God.

Our founding fathers recognized the sovereignty of God and that all true freedom is God’s gift. These principles were either specifically or by inference reflected in our constitutional law.

Out of this heritage came every right, privilege and freedom enjoyed by individuals in all sectors of American life regardless of race, creed, or previous national background.

We view with deep concern the dangers to faith and freedom implicit in recent decisions of the Supreme Court and in the United Nations and its related organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO. We support the Connelly clause in the World Court agreement which protects American constitutional rights from invasion by any external power.

Today’s need is for an alert Christian citizenry thoroughly committed to faith in Almighty God, to the preservation of constitutional government and to our traditional institutions of freedom.