Today we are seeing a deterioration of honesty and integrity in our national life which reveals a shocking poverty of spirit at every level of society, from the home to the top echelons of government.

We are appalled when we hear that the choicest of our youth are involved in cheating scandals, or that the elected representatives of the people misuse the public trust. We are shocked when we discover that government announcements concerning matters on both the domestic and foreign scene are open to question, or that the traditionally impartial media of information often “manage” the news. We are saddened to discover that a man’s word is no longer his bond in our culture in which the very word “morality” has taken on altogether new meaning.

The National Association of Evangelicals deplores the moral decay of our culture and calls upon our leaders at every level to re-examine their own ethical standards in the light of their obligations and their influence. In particular we call upon all evangelical Christians to meet the challenge of a generation which believes that even God would have man to live in moral ambiguity.

We urge all preachers and teachers of the Word of God to stress the ethical and moral implications of the Gospel of grace and the demand for holiness. Our God of love is a consuming fire.