The National Association of Evangelicals affirms its love and support of all those Christian brethren who oppose war and participation in military service upon Scriptural grounds. We rejoice in the fact that the government of the United States has made legal provision for the expression of Christian conscience in these matters. We pledge our support for the continuation of all lawful guarantees provided for conscientious objectors who, on account of their “religious training and belief” feel they cannot serve in the Armed Forces and accept alternative service instead.

We view with alarm, however, the recent resolutions calling for extensive relaxation of the Selective Service laws governing conscientious objectors. Such resolutions would extend the present Selective Service law to include all persons who declare themselves “conscientiously opposed to a particular war at the time of their induction, or to any particular act of war” without reference to religious conviction. These proposals would eliminate religious motivation, encourage subversive philosophies and activities, place a premium on timidity and fear, and undermine the foundations of law and order and national defense.

In the context of this position:

1. We declare our commitment to constitutional government and the accompanying requirement of civil obedience.

2. We encourage a vigorous program of evangelical witness through chaplains and servicemen’s centers for all military and civil personnel everywhere.

3. We support the increasing development of voluntary service program concepts of our evangelical churches and organizations.

4. We support our young men in the military or in alternative service, praising them where they stand for the Lord Jesus Christ, praying for them in the midst of unusual temptations, encouraging them to live holy lives.