At the National Association of Evangelicals, we continue to cry out to God on behalf of all in the world who are impacted by the war in Ukraine. We are grieved by the suffering, but comforted to know that God is sovereign at all times and that he acts in response to his people’s prayers. Please join us in prayer.

  1. Pray for an immediate end to the violence and that war would cease.
  2. Pray that God would change the head, heart and plans of President Vladimir Putin.
  3. Pray for protection of all, particularly the most vulnerable, including the elderly, children, the disabled and the poor.
  4. Pray that believers will unite, speak the truth, and reflect the love of Jesus.
  5. Pray for families who are separated.
  6. Pray for many on both sides who are conscripted or forced to fight.
  7. Pray for world leaders and those in power that they will serve with humility and act justly.
  8. Pray for the displaced and those who welcome them.
  9. Pray for those who grieve and mourn the loss of property, loss of peace and security, and loss of life.
  10. Pray that supplies and resources will reach those who need it, and for the generosity of God’s people.
  11. Pray for missionaries — those who were called to stay as well as those who were called to leave.
  12. Pray for true healing for all who will experience physical, emotional and spiritual trauma.
  13. Pray that people would turn to and choose Jesus and that they would experience his hope and peace.
  14. Pray that God’s will be done on earth that it is in heaven.

The NAE’s public policy framework, “For the Health of the Nation,” articulates: “Jesus and the prophets looked forward to the time when God’s reign would bring about just and peaceful societies in which people would enjoy the fruits of their labor without interference from foreign oppressors or unjust rulers. This biblical vision calls for more than the simple absence of violence.” May it be so.

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How to Help Ukrainians in Need

When faced with a crisis like the war in Ukraine, our instincts are to pray and to help. We have compiled a list of NAE members and friends who are working to help Ukrainians in need.

Support Ukrainians