When faced with a crisis like the war in Ukraine, our instincts are to pray and to help. The NAE team prepared a list of prayer points for Ukraine. We also compiled the list below of NAE members and friends who are working to help Ukrainians in need. We invite you to partner with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus for the vulnerable and displaced.

Accord Network | As an association of relief and development organizations, Accord Network supports the ministry of several organizations in Ukraine.

Converge | Converge has sister churches in Ukraine and Moldova in which many pastors are staying and ministering to troops. They have set up a fund to help these efforts.

Compassion And Mercy Associates (ministry arm of the Christian & Missionary Alliance) | CAMA’s national church partner in Kyiv is looking to begin evacuating women and children out of the capital city as soon as possible. Support CAMA services in their work with the pastors of Kyiv by providing food assistance and compensating the costs for housing and travel as needed for those evacuating the war zone.

Compassion International | Compassion International offers a prayer guide with specific ideas for praying for children during times of conflict.

European Evangelical Alliance | The European Evangelical Alliance’s page offers prayer requests, ideas to help, resources and regular updates from local partners and members.

Evangelical Free Church of America | The EFCA established a Ukrainian Refugee Response fund to provide resources for EFCA and ReachGlobal teams and partners in their work in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

International Justice Mission | Support IJM Romania’s work to create messaging and support for refugees, to support staff who are volunteering and supporting NGO and church partners located along border of Ukraine.

Pulse | In response to the urgent need in Ukraine, Pulse established the Pulse Ukraine Relief Fund. One hundred percent of proceeds will go directly to funding the on-the-ground needs. They have established deep relationships with churches and political leaders across the region, even establishing unprecedented in-roads with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Samaritan’s Purse | A Disaster Assistance Response Team has been deployed to assess how the organization might be able to help meet the urgent needs of displaced families fleeing in search of safety.

Tearfund | Support Tearfund’s Christian partners who are working around the clock to meet the immediate needs of Ukrainian refugees — providing support such as food, bedding and temporary accommodation.

The Salvation Army | The Salvation Army, an international movement, has a long-standing presence in Ukraine and neighboring countries, including 10 locations in Ukraine on both sides of the line. Because they are already part of the communities in which they serve, they are providing food, shelter, and spiritual care for displaced families and individuals.

Ukrainian Bible Society | With the financial support of American Bible Study, UBS has been serving local youths by printing and providing children’s Bibles. Support their efforts in the midst of this crisis so that they can deliver supplies, Bibles and other critical resources.

World Evangelical Alliance | The WEA is working with trusted ministry partners in Ukraine for internally displaced people and with national church alliances in bordering countries to provide emergency relief for refugees crossing borders. Shelter, food, medicines, fuel — all are needed urgently.

World Methodist Evangelism | World Methodist Evangelism has an active network that is already receiving Ukrainian refugees and setting up counseling for trauma. Funds will be directed to WME partners in Romania working directly with the families taking refuge there.

World Relief | Support World Relief in their efforts now to resettle Ukrainian refugees and provide assistance to those already in the United States that are desperately seeking help for their families. They are also working with partners in the region to provide assistance on the ground.

World Vision | Support preparations to provide relief to refugees in Romania and the development of options for working with partners in Ukraine. World Vision is engaging closely with the U.N. and other partners to closely monitor the unfolding crisis and its potential humanitarian demands.