The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) joins with Christians throughout the world to call for Ash Wednesday (March 2) to be a day of prayer and fasting for Ukraine. If March 2 is not possible, the NAE encourages American Christians to consider praying and fasting on March 7, which is the day that many Ukrainian and Russian believers begin Lent.

“Ash Wednesday invites us to a season of reflection and repentance, as we contemplate Christ’s journey to the cross,” said NAE President Walter Kim. “During Lent, we remember our Lord Jesus Christ — how he suffered and died to save us, and how he conquered death and is sovereign over all. We are grieved by the situation in Ukraine and this violation of international law with such catastrophic losses. We plead with God to alleviate suffering and that war would cease. We trust in his faithful provision.”

The NAE offered two resources for the day of prayer and fasting: a list of prayer points for Ukraine and a biblical model for corporate fasting.

“We stand in solidarity with believers in Ukraine, Russia and around the world who are praying and laboring for peace. We are grateful to serve a God who listens and acts in response to his people’s prayers,” Kim said.