The National Association of Evangelicals affirms its support of quality public education, encourages Christians to teach in the public schools, and urges Christian parents to work toward improving such schools. However, we recognize that many parents, exercising their God-given right and responsibility to educate their children, by conviction choose to send them to schools which teach Biblically-based moral values and a Christian world view. This choice is essential if “the free exercise of religion” with respect to education is not to be an empty constitutional right.

Parental choice of public or private education should be available to all. To help alleviate the double financial burden placed upon parents who send their children to religious schools, we appeal for the enactment of tuition tax credits or similar tax relief as a matter of economic justice. The legislation we advocate would enhance values important to our society – educational pluralism, academic freedom, and excellence in all education through freedom of access. Any such legislation should contain an unequivocal prohibition of racial discrimination. The National Association of Evangelicals urges Congress to enact such remedial legislation.