On the third anniversary of the civil war in Syria, while polarized politicians drone on about drones, embargoes and boots on the ground, the suffering of ordinary Syrians continues to deepen. The conflict in Syria is the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of the Cold War. In the coming year three quarters of Syria’s population will be in need of humanitarian aid. As always, the children are the hardest hit.

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Galen Carey, NAE vice president of government relations, is responsible for representing the NAE before Congress, the White House and the courts. He works to advance the approach and principles of the NAE document, "For the Health of the Nation." He is also co-author with Leith Anderson of "Faith in the Voting Booth." Before joining the NAE staff, Carey was a longtime employee of World Relief, the relief and development arm of the NAE, serving in Croatia, Mozambique, Kenya, Indonesia and Burundi. He received an M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Doctor of Ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary.