The National Association of Evangelicals in 1952 declared that the American posture should be that of peace, righteousness, faith and freedom rather than totalitarian strength and terrorizing force.

Again in 1977 NAE decried a type of militarism discerned in the arms traffic by criminal organizations, revolutionary groups and nations, stating that “While we represent a wide constituency in our views of the place and type of military prepared­ness for defense to protect the welfare and provide for our domestic tranquility…we unite in deploring the mind-set that assumes the way to solve problems is by might and power…We are to love our enemies and overcome evil with good.”

And in 1979, NAE, recognizing the possibility of armed conflict and even mass destruction, declared that within the membership- are those who are committed to peace through strength and those who renounce the use of force as a matter of con­science. There was a call to urge our government to exercise reasonable restraint in the production and use of its military capabilities and to encourage other nations to do the same.

The National Association of Evangelicals BOD expresses its deep concern about the threat of a nuclear holocaust and urges our national leaders to rededicate their efforts to obtain a meaningful arms control agreement that will scale down the nuclear arms race.