The critical situation now existing in the Middle East represents another threat to world peace.

Because of the Biblical roots of our faith and our national and spiritual interest in this part of the world as Christians, we express grave concern for the cause of peace and justice in the Middle East and for the meeting of the great human and spiritual needs of all the peoples in that area in a creative and constructive way.

We of the National Association of Evangelicals recognize the rights of all nations in the Middle East, both Israeli and Arab, to exist as sovereign nations from the perspective of biblical and historical positions.

We express our profound interest and concern in the welfare of and rehabili­tation of refugees, Jew and Arab, wherever they are found, [and] our interest in a fair and impartial hearing for all parties.

We call our churches to pray for peace in the Middle East, for the witness of the Christian church in all Middle-Eastern countries, and for the “peace of Jeru­salem” in its prophetic and scriptural significance.